Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Pinterest Challenge

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Love that Sherry and Katie keep us motivated with their Pinterest Challenges!  And now that things have slowed down a bit for me this challenge arrived at the perfect time! 

With the holidays approaching and since I apparently have a problem with wreaths and door hangings picking a Pinterest inspiration was easy .  I love to make wreaths and feel my door is so naked without them! So I couldn't pass this gorgeous wreath up without pinning it as inspiration for a new fall wreath.

Allie from Miss Lovie did a great job on her wreath and has awesome instructions on her site.  So using her picture and instructions as inspiration I created my own pumpkin wreath.

Here's my version......

It had been so long since I was able to work on a project that I was so into it that I forgot to take pictures as I went along! Oops!!!  But I basically followed Miss Lovie's instructions.   I wrapped a straw wreath I had picked up at Walmart with green ribbon from Michael's $1 ribbon selection.  It was not the prettiest green but no one's going to see it anyway.  I used moss that I found at Walmart that was in ribbon form.  I've never seen moss this way but I was so intrigued by it I had to use it for this project.  

Would this moss not be adorable around glass cylinders holding candles for a wedding and adding a ribbon in the wedding colors?  Far warning though, this stuff sheds like crazy!

I cut strips of the moss that would wrap about 3/4 around my wreath form.  No need to waste the moss by putting it on the where no one will see it anyway, right?  The moss could be hot glued on but I was out of hot glue so I used straight pins to attach it to my form. 

Because of the curve the moss pieces were not laid side to side rather I left a triangle piece between each one that I later filled in with cut pieces of the moss.  

It is now days before Halloween and weeks before Thanksgiving and you would think that little plastic pumpkins would be easy to find, right?  Nope, Christmas stuff has already taken over.   I looked everywhere and finally had to purchase picks at Michael's and pluck the pumpkins off.  Even on sale the pumpkins cost me a little more than I wanted to pay. Miss Lovie spraypainted some of her pumpkins and I had thought about doing the same but since I had to purchase various picks the pumpkins already had some lovely contrasts from bright orange to browns and whites to some with a little glitter so I left them as is.  While at Michael's I did remember to buy more hot glue sticks and these little pumpkins were hot glued on along with some berries purchased at Walmart.  

After hanging the wreath with ribbon my door is no longer naked and I have another wreath to add to my collection!  

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Can't wait to see what everyone else has been working on this week!

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