Monday, June 24, 2013

An Ending is Really Just a New Beginning

Honeysuckle on the Vine was the first blog I started in 2011.  However, the name never reflected me or my life so I've decided to change it.  But with several projects that have been pinned and referenced by quite a few people I didn't want to just change this blog's name which would break any links to those projects.   In order to keep those links I must start a new blog.  I'd be so excited to have you join me over at My Nearly Empty Nest

Having one teenage son that has left for college and is currently serving in the Army National Guard and another teenage son that is a sophomore in high school it's easy to see that how the new blog name reflects more of my life - - - my nest is nearly empty!  

There will be no new posts to this blog.  Many of the projects that are at currently here will gradually be migrated to the new site.  The new site will also have lots of new content too! I'm excited to start this new chapter in my life and would be glad to have you along for the journey!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Pinterest Challenge

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Love that Sherry and Katie keep us motivated with their Pinterest Challenges!  And now that things have slowed down a bit for me this challenge arrived at the perfect time! 

With the holidays approaching and since I apparently have a problem with wreaths and door hangings picking a Pinterest inspiration was easy .  I love to make wreaths and feel my door is so naked without them! So I couldn't pass this gorgeous wreath up without pinning it as inspiration for a new fall wreath.

Allie from Miss Lovie did a great job on her wreath and has awesome instructions on her site.  So using her picture and instructions as inspiration I created my own pumpkin wreath.

Here's my version......

It had been so long since I was able to work on a project that I was so into it that I forgot to take pictures as I went along! Oops!!!  But I basically followed Miss Lovie's instructions.   I wrapped a straw wreath I had picked up at Walmart with green ribbon from Michael's $1 ribbon selection.  It was not the prettiest green but no one's going to see it anyway.  I used moss that I found at Walmart that was in ribbon form.  I've never seen moss this way but I was so intrigued by it I had to use it for this project.  

Would this moss not be adorable around glass cylinders holding candles for a wedding and adding a ribbon in the wedding colors?  Far warning though, this stuff sheds like crazy!

I cut strips of the moss that would wrap about 3/4 around my wreath form.  No need to waste the moss by putting it on the where no one will see it anyway, right?  The moss could be hot glued on but I was out of hot glue so I used straight pins to attach it to my form. 

Because of the curve the moss pieces were not laid side to side rather I left a triangle piece between each one that I later filled in with cut pieces of the moss.  

It is now days before Halloween and weeks before Thanksgiving and you would think that little plastic pumpkins would be easy to find, right?  Nope, Christmas stuff has already taken over.   I looked everywhere and finally had to purchase picks at Michael's and pluck the pumpkins off.  Even on sale the pumpkins cost me a little more than I wanted to pay. Miss Lovie spraypainted some of her pumpkins and I had thought about doing the same but since I had to purchase various picks the pumpkins already had some lovely contrasts from bright orange to browns and whites to some with a little glitter so I left them as is.  While at Michael's I did remember to buy more hot glue sticks and these little pumpkins were hot glued on along with some berries purchased at Walmart.  

After hanging the wreath with ribbon my door is no longer naked and I have another wreath to add to my collection!  

Check out my other Pinterest Challenge projects here, here, here, here, and here.

Can't wait to see what everyone else has been working on this week!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or Treat

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Halloween is just a few days away and I hope everyone is ready with the treats for all the ghost and goblins 

Since my kids are too old cool for costumes and trick or treating activities they now enjoy handing out candy to the little ones in our neighborhood.  Normally we just dump all the candy into a bowl and put a handful into the trick-or-treater's bag but we have a few special goblins that stop by our house that I always like to give goody bags.  

This year those special goblins will get these fun treat bags.  

How stinking cute are these?  And let me tell you, they were super simple to make!

I printed this skeleton hand pattern I found at Holiday Crafts and Creations on white cardstock, cut out the hands, rolled them to help insert into gloves I already had on hand, inserted candy to fill out the gloves and finished with a tag and ribbon.  Super simple and quick.

Here's a few more pictures.  As you can see I used the long Tootsie Rolls for fingers but Smarties would work just as well.  

The gloves I had on hand were a little opaque which doesn't let the skeleton show through as well as a more clear plastic glove would.  But these gloves were stretchy which allowed more candy to fill out the glove.

I'm sure these will be a big hit on Halloween!

You can find my pin to the original instructions here on Pinterest.

Happy Halloween!

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Oh my, but it has been some time since my last post, hasn't it?!?  Summer has been busy, busy, busy!  As you can imagine there has been lots and lots of baseball - four separate teams as a matter of fact - but also moving my oldest son into the dorm was quite the task from the buying to the packing to the actual move.  Needless to say this didn't leave a lot of time for crafts and projects but now with a little more free time in the near future I've got so many ideas running through my head - and just in time for the holidays!  I can't wait to get started again!!

But for now how about some pics from the summer?  Warning:  lots of photos ahead (and mostly baseball)!

District Tournament in Hawesville, KY
I'm changing his name to "Dirt"!

Congrats on a great hit and score!

At Mammoth Cave National Park

At Mammoth Cave National Park

Hot Rod players (my oldest son is wearing the macot costume!)
Can't see it but pants are filthy.......again!

Double rainbow after rain delayed game.

Some of the college essentials

Dorm room - it will never be this clean again.

Ferry at Green River
Mammoth Cave view

Still humors me with a first day of school picture!
Awesome catch!

Playing at the Hot Rods stadium.

Throw out at first.

Heading for third
Go Tops!

"Dirt" in action at practice

Land Between the Lakes - Kentucky Lake

Birthday celebration


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Window Shopping: Pier One

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I received a gift card from Pier One for my birthday last month.  It’s only taken me a month but I finally made it in the store to look around.  I was certain I’d find something that begged to come live in my house…..and I did…..lots of things!!  So I thought I’d share with a window shopping post.

With summer just beginning, I thought something for the deck would be a good place to start looking.  Among all the plates, cups and party ware I was drawn to these plant stands.  I’ve wanted the longer one for quite some time and had pretty much said sold at that point but I wanted to at least give the rest of the store a chance to beckon to me.

Also, in the outdoor area were several lanterns of various styles – some with more detail in the glass than others – and I was drawn to these.  I like the simplicity of the shape as well as the clear glass.  It also helped that they were 20% off.  Isn’t the red fun?  Not only could I use them on the deck but they’d make cute accessories in the house – gotta love a two-fer!
Although I wasn’t looking to purchase dishware I took a few moments to look around.  There was this sweet cloche that made me wonder if I could DIY something similar (colored stones, marbles, etc).  Near it was these cute peacock inspired plates, napkins, and platter.   They reminded me of the thrift store peacocks I repainted.

As I wandered toward the baskets I was pleasantly surprised to find these….

Although I can’t find a place for them right now I may go back and pick up a couple of the larger ones.  Can’t bet the price for some storage.

I always love looking through the art and metal works at Pier One because they always have some unique items.  And this time didn’t disappoint me.  This banana leaf wall panel was huge with lots of texture and just a bit of curve.   The rolled leaves created a great pattern and wonderful texture.  Again, perhaps something to DIY in the future?

Around the corner was this great mosaic piece.  The shine totally caught my eye and I had to go in for a closer look.  Again, if someone had the patience, this could be another DIY project.
Here I also found a “pallet” sign.  Everyone has been DIYing these but for those who want the look but not the work head to Pier One.  They even had these signs that were stickers for the wall!
The pillow section is always exploding at our Pier One store.  I try to avoid it because I have way too many pillows as it is but not today!  I loved these two bird pillows. 
And to keep on a bird theme -  what about these beauties?  I’m beginning to think I have a problem with birds.
So what did I get with my birthday gift?  Nothing.  Yep. Nada.  Not a stinking thing.  There were way too many great items that I would love to have so I’m sleeping on it right now….dreaming about birds.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wreath Re-do

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Remember this yarn wreath I decorated for Mother’s Day?  Well, since I’m still looking for letters that are the right size in order to finish it I thought I’d give it a little revamp for the upcoming Father’s Day weekend.   

When I saw this idea from Rhonda at Home Made I thought it was so stinking adorable!  And since I hadn’t completed my Mother’s Day wreath it was an easy excuse to revamp the form and try Rhonda's look.  Again, this is the same wreath form I wrapped with gray yarn for Mother’s Day with “dad” paraphernalia added.

Using a white button shirt that my son had outgrown I snipped out the front placket as well as the collar.  The bow tie is a ribbon doubled over itself with a smaller piece looped over the center.  Remember, I’m still looking for the right size letters so forgive the crude cut out ones here and that they're hanging a little crooked (apparently the straight pin holding them in wasn't much of a straight pin).  The black you see on the letters is some black paper letters used for poster decorating. I wanted to go with a darker color for dad since the white foam core was too stark with the white shirt.  

Rhonda added a cute boutonniere but a piece of material to create a handkerchief would be adorable too.  Or if Dad falls in more of the “geek” category wouldn’t it be cute to also cut out the shirt pocket and attach it filled with pens in a pocket protector!?!  Yep, I’d be the daughter that would totally do that!  Hope everyone has a great Father's Day weekend!

PSST -  I've got some big plans for this basic wreath form I'll post about once their complete!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Down the Aisle in Style

**Please visit me at my new blog, My Nearly Empty Nest, for more great ideas!** 

Have you ever worked somewhere for so long that your co-workers become family?  Where you're invested in their life events (babies, weddings, etc) as much as your own?  Yep, that's what it's like where I work.  And when one of those co-workers announced she was getting married I was truly excited for her!  

My friend, Stephanie, had decided on a beach wedding in May.  I saw pictures of her wedding dress as well as her bridesmaid's dress.  I knew the people doing her flowers and photos.  Even though I knew I wouldn't be able to attend the wedding, I still got to share in her joy of the details.  So when she mentioned about trying to find flip flops for her wedding dress online and not having any luck my brain started spinning.  Decorating wedding flip flops could be my gift to her.

And here they are!  

I decorated flip flops for both her and her bridesmaid.  Other than deciding on materials and layout, creating the embellishments wasn't difficult.  All the materials even came from Wal-Mart!  So how about some details?

I began with some Ocean Pacific flip flops.  These were chosen because Stephanie wanted a bit of a heel.  I also liked the wider band across the top of the foot but not its texture.  So the band was covered with white satin ribbon.  It was wrapped around the strap and stitched to hold it in place. The OP tag was also cut out before the ribbon was added.

Side note:  Let me be the first to say I am not a seamstress.  I have a difficult time sewing buttons on.  So for those who can sew I'm sure you have a much better way to attach the ribbon.  I was just happy it stayed.  

Once the ribbon was attached I added some ruffled trim.  I had considered hot gluing this ribbon on but I worried about the sand, heat and walking having some ill effect on it so I went with sewing it on.  This was the same process for both pairs of flip flops.

For the bride's, the silver stone trim was sewn over the top of the ruffled ribbon and small white flowers were clustered and hand stitched in the center.  
Bride's shoes
Detail of Bride's shoes
For the bridesmaid's I didn't want an exact replica of Stephanie's shoes but I wanted them to coordinate.  A small strip of the silver stone trim was stitched down the center and the same flowers were added along the sides.  As you can see in the photos, the stone trim stopped just above the toe area as not to rub the foot.  I also tacked the trim in only a few spots in order to give some play in it as the bridesmaid was walking.  
Bridesmaid's shoes
Detail of Bridesmaid's shoes

 And since we all love a cost breakdown, here it is:

**** All supplies from Wal-Mart ****

Shoes - $4.96 each
White satin ribbon - $1.00 (didn't even use half the roll)
Ruffled Ribbon - $2.97 (used about half)
Stone Ribbon - $4.97 
Flowers - $2.96 for set of 6 (used 3 sets)
Thread - on hand 
Band-aids - Priceless!

Total:  $27.74 for two pair

Although I only pricked my finger once to the point of bleeding I couldn't resist adding the band-aids to the list!  With my lack of sewing skills I figured I would be wearing one on every finger.  But if I had, it would have been worth it since Stephanie is such a good friend!  Congrats Steph!